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  2009.09.02  12.14
Viking Dad!

Visit the Viking Dad website for more information!


  2008.09.13  21.51
Ron Can DANCE!!!



  2008.07.23  17.30
Renegade Safe-Cracking Fugitive on Horseback!


Betony and I are going on a road trip to Cincinnati, Ohio next week. In anticipation I looked up Cincinnati news websites to see what' going on there. I found this story on one site and thought it was awesome.

Read the article, but in short this dude was arrested for safe-cracking and other offenses, but jumped bail. He's been on the run in the local wilderness, evading authorities on HORSEBACK.

I wish the local news here was this entertaining.


  2008.05.27  15.39
Backyard Gourmet - Gordon Feeman

Here is the newest flick from videoYEAH.com. If you're not up on your video games, you might want to check out this, this or this.  Or maybe even this.

Or maybe you might not, because you're not a nerd.  Either way, we hope you enjoy the flick. 

A big shout out goes to VY webmaster extraordinaire Corey for his first appearance in a VY flick!  


  2008.05.07  00.59

Groundhog, originally uploaded by Compley.


  2008.04.30  11.59
This entry is "Airwolf"

Cool stuff I found on SeeqPod today: TV Theme Covers


  2008.04.29  10.58
Rock You Like a Hurricane

This is "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by Scorpions and the The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

It is also the coolest thing you will hear all day. Guaranteed.

(Also, check out Seeqpod, which rocks so very hard.)


  2008.03.21  11.49
Cat TV

Cat TV, originally uploaded by Compley.


  2008.01.27  14.49

Simon really wanted to go outside today, so we put him on his leash and let him out. We expected him to take one step in the cold snow and turn right around, but to our surprise, he walked all around, even in the deep snow. It could have been because you had to walk through the deep snow to get to the bird feeder, I don't know.


  2008.01.14  17.11
Rock, Rock On!

Isn't it awesome when you discover a cool band?

And is it awesome or not awesome if you discover this band playing Guitar Hero 3?


  2007.12.07  08.34

Explosion sparks massive fire in southern Ontario city of Barrie


  2007.11.20  16.24
The Bowels of Hell!

Be sure to check out The Bowels of Hell on VideoYeah.com!

It's so scary, you'll be sick to your pants!


  2007.11.17  01.13
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

This seems to have been going around for a while, but I just found out about it tonight.

It takes a minute to get going (so don't give up), but once the lyrics to the song start, this becomes one of the most impressive things I've seen in quite a while.



  2007.11.10  19.36
The NEW VideoYeah.com is ONLINE!

ChubbyProductions.com has moved to cool new diggs!


Check it out and spread the word!


  2007.11.04  01.12
The Antiquarian: The Longer Version

Some of you may have seen this already, but in case you haven't, here's the longer version of The Antiquarian that we made in the spring for the 24-hour film challenge.

I also just figured out how to get Revver videos to play on livejournal, so I wanted to test it out.



  2007.10.10  13.08
Mercer, Me!

Imagine my surprise this morning while watching Ontario election coverage on CBC Newsworld. They showed this clip from the Rick Mercer Report about the referendum, and during the piece- WHAM - a picture of yours truly.


I'm surprised to see myself on the show, for sure, but what I'm even more surprised (and relieved) about is that they found one of the few pictures of me with my shirt on.

You can see the video on the Rick Mercer Report website by clicking on "Mercer: Electoral Reform" on the video menu.


  2007.08.30  19.03
Movies and Liquor and Humpin' Turtles....OH YEAH!!!

Afternoon errands are always more enjoyable when you film them.


  2007.08.17  23.47
Wye Not?

Last week, girldetective came to visit the M-Dot (Midland).  We had a great time and got to visit the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre.  We had a wonderful canoe tour, saw some bees and even got up close with a falcon (albeit from behind a fence).


  2007.08.04  15.38
Here is London; Home of the brash, outrageous and free.

We went to London on Thursday to see Tinderbox Theatre's Pic-nic-Nac at the London Fringe Festival.

As a bonus, we got to see the London Balloon Festival. Sweet!


  2007.07.30  21.42
Punchline - Episode One, "Orange you glad..."

We've finally got something new up! We'll have a new website sometime soon as well, but for the time being, here's something fun. Enjoy!



  2007.06.26  09.44
Weng Weng Rap

"Help! I'm not the first Weng-Weng!"


  2007.05.25  12.38
Tomorrow People....Today!

So I went to see The Power of Ignorance last night (which was excellent).  Before the show, music was playing in the house.  As I walked in, it was the theme song to The Saint (The Roger Moore TV show, not the under-rated movie).  It's a way-cool theme, and I enjoyed it.

Then I heard it....ga dung dung, ga dung da dung......GA DUNG DUNG, GA DUNG DA DUNG!

Could it be?  Could it actually be the theme song from The Tomorrow People?!  The frackin' TOMORROW PEOPLE???

I knew the theme, and said so (even though I was sure no one else knew it, and that my going on about it would just be irritating).

Has anyone else ever been in a situation where you KNOW you're the only person in the room who recognizes something?  Isn't it a strange feeling?


  2007.05.15  10.42
New Diggs

Front, originally uploaded by Compley.

As some of you know (and many of you may not know), Betony and I are moving to Midland this summer. We've been in Toronto for about nine years or so, and we love it, but it's time for us to return home.
We've rented a little house that Surf's family owns. It's really, really nice! We're so excited about it. Check out more photos of the house here.


  2007.05.09  16.48

Huronia Museum goes up in flames.



  2007.05.02  10.09
Tom Poston (1921 - 2007)

Tom Poston passed away Monday night.



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